Thursday, November 19, 2009

Which set of Corporate Whores is slightly more interested in you?

I won't say this makes me proud to be a Democrat, but it at least makes me justified in NOT being a Republican. Because while many Democrats care for you very little, most Republicans could not even give a shit about you:

Just now on the Senate floor, Republicans objected to a motion by Chris Dodd (D-CT) to immediately take up a bill to move up the effective date on the CARD Act, which was passed several months ago. In the intervening time, credit card companies have been jacking up their rates in what Dodd described as “a last-ditch attempt” to pad their profits until all of the provisions of the CARD Act, which prevents arbitrary interest rate, fee and finance charge increases on existing balances, take effect. The bill Dodd sought would have frozen all rates, charges and fees until all of the CARD Act’s provisions became law. It would also have reduced rates for every cardholder who saw arbitrary rate increases in 2009.

So basically, the banksters have been gouging their customers one last time, Sen. Dodd wanted to stop them from doing that, and Republicans objected.

BEHOLD, the protection of their corporate masters in action...

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