Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hey, if David Broder and Harry Reid want a battle to the death Cage-Match far be it from me to stop them. I'm not a bit ol' fan of Reid by any means. But Broder getting taken to task for his GOP-meaning well fantasies is more than necessary.

"How David [Broder] can make this kind of comment after UI bill [Unemployment Insurance extension] is beyond me. It took more than four weeks to pass a bill in the senate that it took the House an hour to pass on the suspension calendar," said Manley [Reid's spokesflack].

Broder acknowledged the unemployment point. "It's a good argument as it implies to the unemployment extension. There have been many occasions where I have been very critical of the Republican stance."

Um, when exactly? And comparatively how much?

And the wankery continues:

Manley said that Broder's column was discussed by "puzzled" Democrats in the Senate cloakroom. "No one could understand it," said Manley. "We had the self-described gold standard of analysis - the CBO - highlighting that the bill reduces the deficit. And David utterly failed to acknowledge that was the case."

Broder often refers to the Congressional Budget Office with the highest praise, but relied mostly in his column on "experts" who proclaim themselves "bipartisan" but whose goals are to dismantle Social Security, Medicare and other vestiges of the New Deal.

Broder's argument was dismissed by his colleague at the Post, Ezra Klein. Broder, however, said he didn't have to look far to find people who agreed with him - which is, in fact, one of the biggest problems the blogosphere has with his type of writing and thinking. "It was hardly a unique viewpoint," Broder said accurately.

So in other words, fuck you old man.

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