Sunday, November 29, 2009

No He's Not

This Time article about what it calls The Decade from Hell has the requisite "A Pox on Both Their Houses" bits, but some other parts of it made me laugh:
There is nothing natural about the economic meltdown we are still struggling with as the decade winds down. A housing bubble fueled by cheap money and excessive borrowing set ablaze by derivatives, so-called financial weapons of mass destruction, put the economy on the brink of collapse. We will be sorting through the damage for years. Meanwhile, the living, breathing symbol of this economic sordidness, prisoner No. 61727-054, a.k.a. Bernie Madoff, rots away in a Butner, N.C., jail cell, doing 150 years for orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of humanity.
Actually, the "living, breathing symbol of this economic sordidness" is alive and well and free and living with his newsreader wife, Andrea Mitchell, in Washington D.C.

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