Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Point of personal privilege

Allow me to state this succinctly:

Fuck you Chuck Todd!!

We're buried here in over a foot of snow, and forty-mile an hour winds -- trapped, yes, trapped in our homes.

If Hurricanes are a big story in Florida, and earthquakes a big story in California, then blizzards are a fucking news story in the Midwest. People are undoubtedly going to die.

So fuck you and your little pretensions about how all of us here in flyover country as just little nabobs who don't fucking matter. This isn't some two-inch snowfall it's a fucking blizzard.

Why don't you come and shovel out my car, jerk?! Thanks to budget shortages and corner cutting (the kind of news stories you couldn't possibly understand in comparison to tales of Tiger's penis) digging out of this mess will be even more protracted.

So allow me to tell you to go fuck yourself one more time.

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