Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanks Republicans, Thanks Alan Greenspan, Thanks Democrats like Joe Lieberman, Thanks Bill Kristol, Thanks FoxNews

Oh, and thank you Wall Street Journal Editorial Page, because this Holiday Season of Misery is mostly all on you, fuckers:

As a longtime Santa Claus at a suburban Chicago mall, Rod Riemersma used to jokingly tell children they would get socks for Christmas if they were naughty.

This year, he stopped telling the joke. Too many children were asking for socks. "They've probably heard their parents say, 'Geez, I wish I had some money to get them clothes,' " says Mr. Riemersma, 56 years old.

A wintry measure of hard times can be found this holiday season on the knee of white-bearded, red-suited men around the country. A couple of years ago, children were shooting for the moon, asking St. Nick for Xboxes, iPods and laptops. But with the economy still fragile, many children are requesting basics such as shoes, library cards and even eyeglasses, say dozens of Santas who work at malls or on the party circuit.

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