Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's all really based on a small troll living in our stomach

We now have proof that someone is dumbest person on the Supreme Court.
Justice Antonin Scalia agrees with his fellow Supreme Court justices that naturally occurring genes can't be patented. Where he appears to differ: The existence of genes, the basic science of genetics, molecular biology, and evolution. He just dissented from all of the above.


Anonymous said...

Shorter Supreme Asshole Fat Tony: I don't believe in evolution and I refuse to learn about DNA. Na na na na Boo Boo!

What a prick.

Unknown said...

Well, he's consistent. As an originalist, the man can't acknowledge any "advance" that's been made since 1791.

James Madison never mentioned molecular biology!

pansypoo said...

i was shocked at clarence.

Montag said...

Hmm. Not consistent with "his own knowledge or beliefs...."

That explains a helluva lot about his past rulings, let alone this one, doesn't it?

Antonin Scalia, resurrecting the spirit of the Inquisition for the benefit of religious crackpots everywhere.