Friday, June 07, 2013


Hey, some lives are just less valuable than others in Texas.

A Texas jury acquitted a man for the murder of a woman he hired as an escort, after his lawyers claimed he was authorized to use deadly force because she refused sex. 

Ezekiel Gilbert shot Lenora Ivie Frago in the neck on Christmas Eve, after she denied his requests for sex and wouldn’t return the $150 he had paid her, according to the San Antonio Express-News. Under Texas law, an individual is authorized to use deadly force to “retrieve stolen property at night,” and Gilbert’s lawyers cited that provision as justification for Gilbert’s action, reasoning that Frago had stolen $150 from him by taking his money without delivering sex. In a police interview played for jurors, Gilbert “never mentioned anything about theft,” a detective told the San Antonio Express-News. Frago, who was 21, was critically injured and died several months later.
Continuing Texas (and sadly most other States) not-so-proud tradition of devaluing women, and especially women who have (or in this case will not) sex.



DanF said...

How's this any different than shooting someone when a drug deal goes bad?

Looking forward to the increased numbered of "he wouldn't suck my dick after I paid so I shot him," defense.

pansypoo said...

pitiful sate of manliness in texass.

feralcrj said...

just another reason to never go there.