Friday, June 14, 2013

They can always aspire to go lower

And with the Weepy Tangerine in charge I'm sure they can.

The public’s scorn for a gridlocked U.S. Congress continues to grow, with a new Gallup poll showing confidence in the legislative body falling to 10 percent, the lowest level Gallup has ever found for any institution. 

The poll released today placed Congress dead last among 16 institutions in a survey
Amazing that when you keep voting for a Party that hates government, you get a government you hate.


Montag said...

It's really no surprise that Congress' reputation is in the shitter. Progressives hate `em because Congress critters are largely in the pockets of the bankers and the CEOs. Conservatives hate `em because they're not doing enough to fuck over the poor and minorities, and independents are swayed by media reports of gridlock.

What scares me, though, is the extraordinarily high approval ratings for the military. I guess since the draft went away, too few people have actual first-hand experience with that same military. Otherwise, they might not be quite so enthusiastic about what can only be charitably described as the best-fed clusterfuck in the world.

feralcrj said...

how low can they go? i'm bettin into the under 5 territory at the very least.

Anonymous said...

This whole "The right hates government" canard needs to stop. They don't "hate goverment". They hate that the government might somehow help people of whom they don't approve (poors, wimmins, the blehs, icky queers, etc.) When the government does what they want, they have no problem with it at all.

pansypoo said...

werking for the partee. no america.

John said...

"Amazing that when you keep voting for a Party that hates government, you get a government you hate."


P J said...

The plan is to obstruct for at least the next decade by controlling either the House or the Senate. That way they have no need to get the presidency. It will be minority rule and nothing gets done. Brilliant.