Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Subjective "Treason"

Apparently ONLY certain types of people can be accused of treason. And that "fulcrum" is apparently Erick Erickson's intolerant "gut" (can one be mentally deprived of gluten?) -- how is Glenn Greenwald different than James Rosen?

Ah, I see. Glenn Greenwald must have committed treason because Erick Erickson doesn't like him.

Erickson doesn't really understand what Rosen is accused of (which could very well be bullshit) -- nor does he care. He just knows his team, or more likely assumes he does.

Yeah, that seems like a productive way to preserve trite little things like the First Amendment and privacy.

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Montag said...

To be honest, I expect no less from a monumental dickhead like Red-Ass Son of Red-Ass.

To mental defectives like Erickson, anyone who's not a right-wing authoritarian is "anti-American." Samuel Johnson averred that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. In the case of Red-Ass and his fellow phony patriots, it's the first.

pansypoo said...

another fine CNN find.