Friday, June 21, 2013

The perfect place for him

False reports, bad criticism, lousy journalism? Howie the Putz will fit right in.
A few months after his story about political donations, Kurtz wrote a negative review of Robert Greenwald's anti-Roger Ailes film Outfoxed. He also wrote a related item, quoting Briganti, accusing the New York Times Magazine of "ambushing" Fox News in a feature about the movie. More recently, Ailes turned to Kurtz for an exclusive interview in June 2011 after two damaging stories in Rolling Stone and New York magazine portrayed him as a paranoid lunatic. A few months after that, Kurtz wrote an influential story claiming that Fox News had become more "moderate" under Ailes' strategic guidance. Several months after that, a "senior Fox News executive" turned to Kurtz to express "regret" after (the now moderate!) Ailes called the New York Times "lying scum." Kurtz transmitted the apology, as well as Ailes' "respect" for Times editor Jill Abramson, but did not note that Ailes had called her "lying scum" in the course of telling a bald-faced lie himself. Anyway, Fox News just hired Howard Kurtz to host a Sunday morning show about the media.
As always, "Fuck you Howie, Fuck, fuck, and fuck you!"


pansypoo said...

funny how all these assholes HIRED FOR CNN end up at FUX GNEWS. as if CNN was a minor leagues.

Raoul Paste said...

If only Media Whores Online still existed. They'd have a field day with this.

Anonymous said...

Um, you left out the ending of that phrase. "Fuck you fuckin' fuck"

Montag said...

"Mistah Kurtz, he still brain-dead."

And, no wonder, he's now been taken in by the propaganda zombies.