Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running out of eyes to have blackened

While we deal in the "glories" of the NSA/Prism matter and the usual cast of suspects reaffirm their asshattery, some other shames reappear:
A group of senior American doctors has called on military physicians at Guantánamo Bay to refuse to work in a mass force-feeding programme that is being used to keep hunger-striking detainees alive. Writing in the prestigious and influential New England Journal of Medicine, the three doctors called Guantánamo "a medical ethics free zone" and said that medical staff had a moral duty to allow the prisoners to go on hunger strike without coercing them into treatment. They also called on doctors to refuse to take part in force-feeding.
166 of the inmates at Guantanamo, uncharged yet a decade on also unreleased, have been force-fed for several months. What a glorious tribute to the "Land of the Free" in its modern iteration, quite Antebellum of us. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]

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