Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yeah...I can live without those

I've been dieting for more than four months now (btw for those of you who recall my post about "when does the pain stop?" from protracted walking or running...apparently when the walking on concrete diminishes in favor of carpet and asphalt) and there are naturally some things I wise.

I walk extensively through the skywalk system in my city and around 7:00 a.m. or so I walk past the cookie-place just to inhale the smell.  I don't buy a cookie of course...just smelling and NOT having a cookie makes me feel like I am really awesome at sacrifice...if you can't feed yourself...AT LEAST FEED YOUR EGO!

But there are some things I don't miss because even when I was inhaling anything I pleased I did not want them. Like deep-fried snickers, and peeps. Basically, while I like sweets, I don't like foods where I immediately get light-headed and can feel my pancreas hurting.

Add another one to the list:

The Watermelon Oreos, available only at Target (TGT) for $3 a package, feature a bright pink and green creme filling between two vanilla-flavored cookies; the creme bears a strong resemblance to Play-Doh. Two cookies contain 150 calories, 7 grams of fat and 21 grams of carbohydrates.

Oh, two small cookies with 5-10% of your daily calorie allowance...with the taste of really sugary and pasty watermelon...what could be wrong?

I'm sure the Oreo Lemon-Cremes are the same...but fuck you...those sound delicious!


donnah said...

Seven years ago I weighed 184 pounds and spent nine months working myself down to 144. It was tough, but it was all diet and exercise. I kept it off for four years, then had a few medical issues, like gallstones and kidney stones, then I injured my lower back. I got lazy and gained the weight back over two years.

So I'm starting over. No sweets, junk, or high carbs. I still drink coffee, but no soda, just water. I know how my brain operates, and I actually do better when I'm strict with myself than if I try to be moderate with my food.

So I totally agree that giving up certain goodies is harsh. I love potato chips, but haven't had any since mid-May. No cookies, candy, bread, cake, etc. It does make me feel better and it's also gratifying to get into my old clothes again.

But Krispy Kreme has their lemon doughnuts for a limited time...I must be strong!

Good luck and keep going!

Anonymous said...

The white oreos in the yellow bag are dangerous - like heroin. I have only dabbled in them recreationally, but I know its only a short trip from dabbling to all-out jonesing junkie.
I'm not overweight, but these things could change all that.

I also have no idea what the high-calorie, polymer filling is made of. The Oreos people should sell a line that doesn't have the mystery goo filling. I think I would buy those, regardless of whether my pancreas would seize-up from sugar overload.

Agreed - The watermelon cookies are easy to pass-up, as they are in the "too phoney" category of peeps and deep-fried snickers.

pansypoo said...

since i grew up on my grandma's homemade cookies, store bought cookies never were as good. also i never much cared for oreos. the middle was ALWAYS disgusting.
watermelon? eeeew!

i also prefer REAL bakeries.