Sunday, June 09, 2013

The "awesome" 6 to 1 bad guy vs. good guy with gun kill ratio

Yes, the only viable solution via Wayne LaPierre:

A gunman with an assault-style rifle killed at least six people in Santa Monica on Friday before police shot him to death in a gunfight in the Santa Monica College library, authorities said.


StonyPillow said...

Our NRA doesn't want homicidal maniacs to have assault rifles.

John Zawahri no longer has an assault rifle, because he's dead. There. The NRA is happy again.

I want law and order. They don't. They want their Second Amendment freedom. I guess their freedom is more important than law and order for the rest of us.

Montag said...

Lost in all of this is a trenchant fact--the guy doing the killing had a history of mental illness. But, he was still able to get his hands on a weapon with a high rate of fire and 1300 rounds of ammunition.

That is a direct result of the NRA's lobbying activity. They want people with mental problems to have guns.

From what I see, that's their core constituency.

pansypoo said...

this reasoning is akin to the pro-fetus anti abortion bunch. in a PERFECT word, it would not matter. POST VOODOO + the desatruction of mental institutionalism, MORE GUNS IS NOT A GOOD THING.

Grung_e_Gene said...

LaPierre doesn't even have to worry about releasing press statments anymore. Because the reflexive Gun Nuts will immediately go into a frothing rage that MOAR GUNS are necessary!!! Not the Time to Talk About It! MOAR GUNS!!!!

feralcrj said...

it will never be the time to talk about this, because talk is too close to reason, and nothing will get through to the nra gun goobers but shootin... so war war war...