Thursday, September 26, 2013

And ....who cares?

I remember when I was a kid and they were still stuffy old-money white guys (and Ted Turner) racing in single-hulled ships and people sort of cared.

Now I'm old and I just demand those catamarans get off my fucking lawn (or pier).


Brian M said...

I liked the comment from Peskin: Maybe it's time for San Diego to subsidize Larry Ellison's little hobby.

Bruce Webb said...

Yes indeed. Racing used to be NASCAR vs Formula One with Indy somewhere in the middle where at least NASCAR cars kind of resembled cars and little was about micrometers and exact dimensions of restricted plates and spoilers and more about Junior racing against Petty. Similarly ocean racing used to be about richer Juniors (often enough Thirds and Fourths) racing against Upstarts like Ted Turner in boats that resembled the boats rich people sailed.

But these days NASCAR blended into Indy and Formula One and then into America's Cup and it is all about owners and lawyers arguing rules rather than that thing we use to call 'Racing'. At which point people are likely to say "Who gives a shit about Bernie Firestone and Ellison"

Mitt Romney his wife and the daughter and granddaughter of the current Queen of England care deeply about the sport of 'Dressage'. Which is where America's Cup raci g is headed. And was belore Ted Turner and Dennis Conner convinced Americans to give a shit.