Monday, September 30, 2013

Now he can pair up with Ted Nugent

On Nugent's television show...oh, right I forgot.

NBC Sports Network is dumping the show that featured a guy shooting an elephant in the face. The show—hosted by NRA lobbyist Tony Makris—isn't being canceled for that episode with the elephant shooting, exactly (though that didn't help). Instead it's because Makris compared his critics to Hitler earlier this week. He said of his supposed critics: "And now they're shocked. And they said but they're so big and special and they're smarter. And I went, you know, Hitler would have said the same thing." That didn't go over well.

Of course, given that NBC Sports Network is the home of the English Premier League (up yours Barclays!) they could have given him a competition show where the power of his arsenal is compared to the strength of Luis Suarez's chompers.


Montag said...

Oh, I think they could have had one more episode, based upon that time-honored tradition of hunters that they eat what they shoot.

I'd kinda like to see the big game hunter wolf down a bull elephant.

At one sitting.

pansypoo said...

have they considered extreme ice fishing?

500 channels + nothing to watch.

pansypoo said...

have they considered hunting poachers?

kingweasil said...

what's what hitler would have said.shithead.