Monday, September 16, 2013

"Not that there's anything you can do about it"

I know it is hard to believe but having those who defrauded America get off any punishment as they whine about taxes does not mean they are anyone's heroes...outside of those who theoretically govern them.
The poll of more than 1,400 adults, representing a cross-section of the U.S. population, shows that half of the respondents believe there has not been enough reform to prevent a future crisis. As many as 44 percent of those polled believe the government should not have bailed out financial institutions, while only 22 percent thought it was the right move. Fifty-three percent think not enough was done to prosecute bankers; 15 percent were satisfied with the effort.
Of course nothing will happen to them. Oh sure, they get to pretend that Larry Summers is a victim, so there's that.

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pansypoo said...

butbutbt wall street made it LEGAL! no fair!