Friday, September 27, 2013

Who could have anticipated...other than everyone?

I guess it stunned somebody that a notorious idiot, would act like an idiot:
Former congressman Allen West, who was hustled out of the military before being hustled out of Congress after one term, is now also leaving his job at right-wing news outlet PJ Media. And this time the tireless Israel supporter is being accused of anti-Semitism. BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray reports that West is out as director of programming for PJ Media's NextGeneration.TV. Gray's sources tell her West was fired after getting into an argument in which he called an employee a "Jewish American Princess" and told her to "shut up."
When you get fired from a "quality" position like PJ Media...


Anonymous said...

"...director of programming for PJ Media's NextGeneration.TV"?

They hired an artillery guy to be director of programming? Srsly?

Reich-wingnut welfare...again.

pansypoo said...

call me wen he lives under an overpass.