Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Empty words, empty chambers

As we try to sort through the actual biography of our country's latest mass shooter, Aaron Alexis, the fact of gun violence continues to be plain...and plainly ignored.
The largest study of gun violence in the United States, released Thursday afternoon, confirms a point that should be obvious: widespread American gun ownership is fueling America’s gun violence epidemic... ...the authors ran a series of regressions to see what effect the overall national decline in firearm ownership from 1981 to 2010 had on gun homicides. The result was staggering: “for each 1 percentage point increase in proportion of household gun ownership,” Siegel et al. found, “firearm homicide rate increased by 0.9″ percent. A one standard deviation change in firearm ownership shifted gun murders by a staggering 12.9 percent.
Not that we'll ever be allowed to do anything about it...after all the only words in the Constitution that mean nothing are "well regulated". [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


donnah said...

I live in an average-sized middle class neighborhood in the suburbs. There's a small shopping center down the street, and a drive-thru beer joint a block away.

Just two nights ago, two guys tried to rob the drive-thru. The owner saw one of them holding a gun on his employee and he grabbed his gun, ran out, and shot the guy. Both robbers ran off, the injured one collapsed and was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The other guy escaped, probably running right past my house.

All this over some cigarettes. People shooting to defend themselves from other people with guns. For a carton of cigarettes. Jesus Christ, people.

Anonymous said...

"There is something evil in our society ..." YES, it is the duplicitous devilry of BULLYING from the precedent Bully PUPPET DESPOTUS Baracketeer down to his juvenile PC protégés!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that fine example of authentic frontier gibberish

pansypoo said...

maybe if more REAL photos of the dammage done went into coverage instead of numbers.

Ravefan said...

As sincere as the good Doctor was, this country doesn’t give a damn about shooting rampages. Gun control was defeated after Newtown and just recently, in two majority Democratic districts, in Colorado there weren’t enough people to keep the Gun control representatives from being thrown out! And, the Pro Gun control folks out spent the NRA. So, save me the crocodile tears.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Cult of the Gun has clearly won the Gun Control debate. We will never get control, the NRA and Gun Manufacturers are involved in an incestuous symbiotic relationship fueled by money soaked in the blood of dead innocents.

The Gun Fanatics who walk into shopping malls or farmer's markets with their fully loaded, magazine inserted tactically slung AR-15s are demonstrating that the Gun Cult is ascendant.

We eventually will get mass shootings everyday.