Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Um, what?

Probably not the "worst headline ever" but W.T.F.?

Australian Rules-Player apologises for burning dwarf


grouchomarxist said...

According to the article, the guy who was mistaken for an ambulatory pile of charcoal briquettes was one of a "group of dwarf entertainers" hired by the club for their yearly "Mad Monday" blow-out.

We really are going whole-hog for this Back-to-the-Future stuff, aren't we?

pansypoo said...

was beer involved?

feralcrj said...

it's aussie footie, and you ask if beer was involved?

takes awhile to get used to the sensationalism of headlines in oz, and they tend toward colloquialisms that are truly cringeworthy to the MN ear, and have a number of other quirks that are simply stunningly telling, and yet, they are for the most part decent little "goers" and tough as conkers (gum nuts) and thankfully the performer wasn't badly hurt...

a quick look at the last year in footie will show it's not exactly built on the brain trust of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Thought process of every athlete everywhere: Purposefully set a human being on fire. "Gee, I didn't realize your clothes would actually burn. We're cool right?"

Unknown said...

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