Friday, September 13, 2013

Pay no attention to the facts -- the poor must be beaten!

Funny how the beltway mentality of hating the poor never changes no matter the facts:
New Treasury Department figures confirm what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected in the spring: the budget deficit for fiscal year 2013 will be dramatically lower than it was the past four years. The government recorded a $148 billion deficit in August, 22.5 percent smaller than in the same month of 2012, and is on track to total a $642 billion annual deficit when the fiscal year ends on September 30.
Nonetheless, the call to cut programs to help the poor and middle class will continue...along with calls for tax cuts for the wealthy.

Because reality doesn't matter.


pansypoo said...

all to hide the welfare KINGS. SEE SEE, ITS THE POOR'S FAULT!
divide + conquer.
the party of BAD ideas ran out of new BAD ideas.

Anonymous said...

If there were a giant meteor hurtling toward Earth, the Republican response would be tax cuts for the rich and cutting food stamps. Because Freedom.

Anonymous said...

That's because Jesus wanted tax cuts for the rich, lower wages for the poor, and assault weapons for everybody!

He also hated science, homosexuality, abortion, food stamps and the United Nations.

For Jesus was a Republican, the Bible is quite clear about that.