Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Christiane Amanpour blurts out the Truth on Larry King

Found over at KOS:

His suspenders must have curled up, Amanpour was visibly angry and determined to cut the bullshit last night -- always difficult to do when Larry's asking questions. I wish Costas had been there. After stating plainly what the Bush Administration doesn't want you to know, "The war in Iraq has basically turned out to be a disaster and journalists have paid for it, paid for the privilege of witnessing and reporting that and so have many, many other people who have been there", Amanpour plants it right between the corporate media and Bush's eyes:

As you know, there's not enough international reporting on American television anyway.

But I think to the bigger point, why are [reporters over there, in Iraq]? We're there because if we're not, whose word are we going to take for it? For instance, over the bombing in Pakistan, and for instance, over the constant atrocities in Iraq.

Are we going to take the Pentagon paid Lincoln Group who are paying positive stories to be written in the Iraqi press? Are we going to take what the administration tells us? Do you remember at the beginning of this war, Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defense, told us that these insurgents were just a bunch of dead enders who amounted to absolutely nothing.

Well, that was three years ago. You remember on your own show, not so long ago, the vice president of the United States said that the insurgency was in its death throes, in its last throes.

Well, we're there to report what's actually going on and we pay a heavy price for trying to get to the truth. And the truth is what our business is all about. And that's why we're out there, despite the enormous, enormous personal cost to us, to our families, and to our networks.

I imagine the 101st Keyboarders will be demanding her phone calls be listened to...some more.

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