Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Quarter-Million Souls freed from the ruthless dictatorship of breathing

The much discussed (but not discussed enough) Lancet study of two years ago has been expanded further. The new estimated death count in Iraq attributable to the actions of the Bush Regime, 250,000 having gone through their "final throes" and been liberated of life.

Not that we dare talk about them in this nation, the very destruction of the people we are allegedly saving. That's impolite. Why it's even impolitic apparently to talk about the injuries, let alone deaths of our own people in this nation, let alone those people that to some, God apparently doesn't give a shit about because of their location by birth.

To discuss the futility of a badly planned and implemented war is treasonous you know. We must keep fighting it badly, and kill more, or else something nebulously awful will happen.

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