Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And Now a Message form John McCain

Dear Greatest Generation,

My friends, make that Second Greatest.


John McCain


Speaking to about 500 party faithful at the Outagamie County Lincoln Day Dinner, McCain said the war in Iraq was part of the fight against Islamic extremism, "the greatest evil, probably, that this nation has ever faced."

At a LINCOLN DAY DINNER...because Ol' Abe had it easy with the Civil "fucking" War which only killed 600,000 out of a population of a little over 30 million -- about 1 out of every 15 males of fighting age.

And, of course, the Greatest Generation is really lame, what with their Defeat of the Nazis.

And the Soviets, what a bunch o' pussies compared to Osama and his moronic band of cave dwellers, a bunch ONLY George Bush & John McCain could manage to make stronger.

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