Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Musician Worth Listening To

Miranda Lambert.

Here's why:

“I always say that Nashville Star  saved me from five more years in the  honky-tonks. But I was still scared to  death to sign that recording contract. I was afraid they’d change me. I was  worried they’d take my songs that didn’t sound like anyone else’s and produce  them just like the next record down the street. I did not want it to be the  typical Nashville record. I have my own
style. I want  to be my own person. There are a million blonde chicks who can sing. I’ve always  wanted to be different. We had a meeting. All the Sony people were there. I sat  down at the head of the table, crossed my hands and said, ‘OK, this is who I  am.’ And I just laid it out. ‘I’m from Texas. I write my own stuff. I have something  to say. I’ll never dance around on stage in a
halter-top. I will always play my  guitar. Now, if I can’t make a record that reflects me honestly, I’d rather just  go home and play in Texas like I was. So please tell me now if  you’re going to be bossing me around.’” 

She said Sony told her,  “You go make your record,” and left her alone.


“I don’t want my music to  be taken as something you just hum along with. No matter what I’m singing, I  want to say something that makes people think. I want people to hear my songs  and feel something. I want to be appreciated as someone whose music is real. I  want to be thought of as a true artist, not just as an ‘entertainer.’”

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