Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two-and-a-Half Men in a Room

In a major victory for Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his party, a Democratic assemblyman won a stunning upset in a State Senate election on Tuesday in a district that has been in Republican hands for a century.

The win reduces the Republicans’ majority to one seat and will intensify pressure on the majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno, as he tries to maintain his party’s grip on the Senate, which it has controlled for more than 40 years.
That's five pieces of great news in two short paragraphs: (1) Spitzy wins; (2) Democratic upset (although The Albany Project says it doesn't really qualify as an upset); (3) 100+ year Republican district goes Dem; (4) Republican majority reduced to one; (5) Bruno under pressure.

I like No. 5 best. Upstate New York is not NYC, people. It's Wingnuttia. And Joe Bruno is its king. He's one of Albany's "Three Men in a Room," two of whom have had had a stranglehold on on New York politics for way too long. I doubt that Bruno's going to have an enjoyable election day this November. About time. Now if the city could just do its part and send Sheldon Silver packing.

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