Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm no political analyst

As I have said many times before.

But, again, it appears that I'm about as qualified as most of the blogs that claim experience in this stuff -- as are most of you.

It's quite clear now, whether it's me...the admitted non-professional analyst or the self-proclaimed professional tea leaf readers we all spew bullshit about equally on the "qualitative side".

But, admittedly, I'm severely lacking in the pure, unadulterated amount of bullshit that gets spewed by the self-proclaimers.

I'm not owed $2 million or more for my expertise (in fact, I'm pretty confident I owe people pain & suffering for my services here) but I think it's fair to sum up the Democratic Primary Campaign Thusly:

-- Two evenly matched candidates that people generally feel favorably disposed toward will see the person who goes the most negative suffer.

-- If you are the candidate with higher negatives in an intraparty struggle, you should try to avoid going overtly negative.

-- Don't treat your opponent with contempt -- and that goes double for your highly paid, and purportedly skilled campaign staff.

-- Politely slapping down attacks quickly -- but being polite about it -- will always trump faux anger.

-- A good organization matched with a charismatic candidate is one hell of a force to be dealt with.

-- Change is a powerful force

-- Stay out of a land war in Asia

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