Monday, February 25, 2008

If you don't love America, the Flag Pin made in China Gets it

As we all know, Jesus was the greatest American Patriot...after Ronald Reagan.

Honestly, if there is anything that is going to unleash an unholy torrent of swearing and invective against right-wing lunatics its this slander about someone's patriotism. Especially the patriotism of the empty gesture. So pardon me with this more reserved...


Thank you.

It's all they're going to have against Obama...and of course, they'll find a way to slander Clinton's patriotism too if necessary -- even if via an unholy and traitorous pantsuit.

But let's just lay this out on the table and what they really Bill Kristol goes and implies today by adding Michelle Obama. Black people just aren't as patriotic as whites -- is what they mean to say. It's another non-racial way to go after the black guy.

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