Friday, January 04, 2013

A Court Ruling Todd Akin could love

Congratulations California Supreme Court, really, just sterling 19th century logic. Apparently if you have sex with sleeping married woman who thinks it is her isn't rape. Really.


pansypoo said...

are they men?

at least they didn't stone the woman.

Anonymous said...

"The decision also urges the Legislature to examine the law, which was first written in response to cases in England..."

Paging Mr Scalia...paging Mr. Scalia..." I'm sure he has something to say about using foreign law in U.S. courts.

Why is this the responsibility of the woman? Didn't Morales KNOW the woman was not his wife?

Anonymous said...

Oh it's much more heinous . . . when a woman unwittingly consents to sex it is rape ONLY if she is a married woman thinking the perp is her husband;

If the woman is not married and consents thinking the perp is her lover, it is NOT rape. Because, you know, reasons.