Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The aiding and abetting

Hey unemployed, seniors, the disabled, poor kids I know you may be facing cuts in benefits you desperately need and that this stuff does seem to be the essence of government and y'know maintaining any semblance of a quality of life. The rest of you might be concerned about your taxes, or what a fairer share for some might be.

But the fiscal cliff is about other things that the Village takes far more seriously:

In case you were wondering why politics is so screwed up -- politicians take guys like Chris Cillizza seriously -- because they think you take him seriously.

How seriously to they take you?

Not so much.

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StonyPillow said...

This morning the Red Tribe poo flingers will be very unhappy, I suppose.

But there ain’t no Blue Tribe Jumping up and down like a Zion rave.

There’s only one group of crazies in American politics.

pansypoo said...

piffle. all that matter is the 50-98%ers are gonna BE FINE.