Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How dare you filthy beggars speak to me!!!

Bill Keller has trouble with people having the right to criticize him.
In both venues the commenters were rough on me, and quick to categorize me (and dismiss me) in partisan terms: as a shill for the right wing, or a footsoldier of the morally bankrupt center. But the Twitter exchange was markedly meaner and shallower than the comment feed on The Times website. It was like the difference between a relatively civil town meeting and open mike night at a really bad comedy club.
And Bill Keller has the words worst knock-off of Spalding Gray's act.


Raoul Paste said...

IShorter Bill Keller "Dissenters are rude, therefore they are wrong. Me, reconsider? Inconceivable!".

Montag said...

There was a reasonable expectation--and high hopes--that when Keller retired, he would actually go away.

No such luck.

pansypoo said...

morally bankrupt center?