Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Keep diggin' Tucker

Tucker (that rhymes with somethin' but I just can't place what?) Carlson's Breitbart on the Potomac is certainly digging deeper and back upon itself in defending its checkbook faux journalism:

Here's their explanation:

"The Washington Post mistook one prostitute for another Monday in a report that initially seemed to debunk a November 2012 Daily Caller exposé of New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez," DC editor David Martosko wrote. "While the Post said it had an affidavit from a woman in the Dominican Republic admitting she fabricated claims Menendez paid her for sex, that woman was not one of the two prostitutes TheDC interviewed for a Nov. 1 report."

And cue reality:

Early Tuesday the Daily Caller said the woman who said she was lying was not one of the women featured in their original report. However, the attorney who presented the affidavit Monday identified the woman to reporters in attendance as the female wearing a yellow shirt in a video on the Daily Caller website. […] 

Her account of sex with Menendez in the video interview was almost word-for-word the account given by two other women who were produced for interviews about having sex with the man they knew only as "Bob."
(via the Great Orange Satan)


StonyPillow said...

The man they knew only as "Bob" strikes again. Understandable mistake -- he's a ringer for Menendez.

Montag said...

The Daily Cholera got caught for bad reporting, so, they're accusing someone else, in this case, the WaPoo, of bad reporting.

Somehow, this doesn't strike me as either unanticipated or particularly imaginative.