Wednesday, March 06, 2013

When did they start naming Snow Storms?

Especially the ones that just hit the Northeast?

I mean they've been having blizzards there a long time.

And so have we in the Midwest.

But I never remember having them named when I was a kid....other than "Two Hours Late, or Closed, Public and Parochial" which was the effective name of every major snowstorm as we listened to WCCO in Minneapolis tell us small town hicks about our pending late morning or day off.


--mf said...

The Weather Channel started doing that this year. They have a Winter Storm Command Center and everything!


pansypoo said...

true, but my bigger question is about the late late new weath chick who IS THE SAME lady in ONION NEWS VIDEOS!!!!

Anonymous said...

misdirection much?

don't look at the real gnews, look at the giant swirly in the upper midwest! oh my god! they are gonna get snow!

i'm a MN native and no matter how bad the weather has gotten, life still goes on. we could either roll the rigs or the roads would be closed. sometimes the regulators froze and no one gave a crap but those of us freezing our butts off in a ditch trying to pry some person out of a crushed car...

the only thing winter storms need calling is "damn it!" they are perfectly normal and perfectly expected and we build and are built for them.

ginned up hysterics about a snow storm must be much easier than reporting on things like republican obstruction in the congress or the latest reports on iraq... or facing war crimes commited by bush and cheney and rumsfeld and wolfowitz et all. and the fact they tanked our economy and their little tea party toadies are doing the taliban's job for em...