Monday, March 04, 2013

Should have never been hired...thought this already happened anyway

I guess it is on to FoxNews:
In a move that caused millions to cheer, Ted Nugent has been fired and will no longer be promoting guns on The Discovery Channel. As it turns out "Ted Nugent's Gun Country" was not a popular program, only drawing 864,000 viewers by the Nielsen Ratings system. Although according to the low ratings were not the reason for the cancellation, but rather Nugent's close connection with the NRA. In the wake of Sandy Hook it is simply bad business for the network to promote guns which is why "American Guns" has also been cancelled.
I hate to say it, but while 864,000 viewers is hardly a megahit, that isn't all that bad for a cable show. But its a repulsive 864,000 viewers no doubt.


jimmiraybob said...

An 864,000 person Neo-Confederate army led by the honorable General Nugent of the great Republic of Whacko.....uh, I mean, I think I mean Whacko.........whatever.

Now there's a reality show for the Duhscovery Channel.

Montag said...

Oh, bad luck, Ted. Why not try The Learning Channel? They'll take anyone.

Oops, maybe not.

Athenawise said...

It was only 432,000 unrelated viewers that watched Nugent. The rest were inbred.