Monday, March 04, 2013

Ah the rites of the late winter

A miserable snow storm; the melting snow reveals all the dog crap people haven't picked up; and, of course, the annual gathering of right-wing crazies does something (well many things) revolting.

As of February 27, the American Conservative Union (ACU) website features an article by Dr. Robert Weissberg, a retired University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign political science professor with a second career as a white nationalist. Since the first CPAC conference in 1973, the American Conservative Union has been the principal sponsor of the gathering.


At the 2000 American Renaissance conference, Weissberg spoke about "The Relationship between Blacks and Jews." The talk, entitled “Jews and Blacks: Everything the Goyim Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask,” argued that Jews and other whites should unite against racial minorities. They would supposedly sort out their own differences later. 

His talk began with his theories about why Jews support civil rights and black causes, a practice which he termed "an affliction." Weissberg argued that it would be advantageous if Jews were on the side of white nationalists. Weissberg, who is Jewish, claimed that most Jews are actually racist, and that the right wing should be wary of anti-Semitism, lest it lose an "energetic" ally."Certainly, if one were looking around for people about to do in the Jews, why do we worry about the white Christians? Why not concentrate on where the real enemy is, the blacks," he told the crowd. 

Singling out African Americans as the enemy, Weissberg added, "Jews cherish education, they are obsessed with it. Blacks, on the other hand, destroy it. Anybody who's gone to schools in the inner city knows that not only do they hate the idea of learning, but they physically destroy the schools and assault their teachers. (Chuckle) I could go on forever on this point."
He sounds like he'd be REALLY popular at J-date. /sarcasm


jimmiraybob said...

A true credit to the the bottom.

Of course, since he was in academia, this only proves that it's the fascist liberals who are the real racists. /Jonah's central point

Oy. Make that a double OY and throw in a Vey.

Montag said...

"Certainly, if one were looking around for people about to do in the Jews, why do we worry about the white Christians?"

There's a certain counterfactual, uh, charm about that statement, isn't there?

Millions of skinhead neonazis and right-wing thugs of all persuasions around the world are screaming, "Nooooooooooooo!"