Monday, March 04, 2013

Now THAT'S Rich!

World's most mustachioed glass house:

Oy. Amongst Geraldo's lowlights -- one of many.


Athenawise said...

It's a shame that Geraldo started his career so young. We've had to endure him for decades.

(See also Other Mustaches: Friedman, Thomas L.; Stossel, John; Medved, Michael.)

P J said...

Jerry should stick to what he knows, which, we have seen over the years, is not much.

Montag said...

If there is a heaven (and about this there is still some debate), Kurt Vonnegut is in it, and every time Rivera says something like this, he's asking whatever Supreme Being runs the joint to borrow a thunderbolt or two.

pansypoo said...

booker actually DOES stuff.