Friday, March 01, 2013

This is what is so shocking

About the recalcitrance of so many Republicans (hell the MAJORITY) on their refusal to expand the Violence Against Women Act:

“We have serial rapists on the reservation — that are non-Indian — because they know they can get away with it,” said Charon Asetoyer, executive director of the Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center in Lake Andes, S.D. “Many of these cases just get dropped. Nothing happens. And they know they’re free to hurt again.”

Asetoyer was talking about the loophole that prevents tribal authorities, who have jurisdiction over crimes committed on Indian territory by Indians, from having any authority over non-Indian male abusers. That’s despite the fact that non-Indian men account for an estimated 80 percent of rapes of Indian women, and that the astronomical rate of abuse of Indian women is well documented by the federal government.
And allowing Native American women to be raped by non-Native Americans WITH impunity is what the GOP was willing to continue to allow.

What's next for them, investments in small-pox covered blankets?

It was a group of 19 less crazy Republicans, primarily from areas where the GOP is making itself endangered that pushed the Senate's version ... which fixed this outrage ... that forced the leadership's hand in this case. Naturally this means in 25 years the GOP will be acting like it was ALL their idea.

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DrDick said...

what the GOP was willing to continue to allow.

Willing to allow, my hairy white hillbilly ass. They were actively protecting the right of upstanding white Christian men to rape those dirty savages at will!

(Full disclosure: I grew up in Oklahoma and now live in Montana.)

pansypoo said...

i will there was an epi-pen of death women could use on attackers. maybe then something would change.

more lorenna bobbits.