Friday, March 01, 2013

Funny how he and Cheney re-surface at the same time with the same message

Funny that. 

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier has angrily defended his time as president of the Caribbean country as he appeared in court for the first time after shunning three previous summonses... 

 "I have a positive record and this is in all areas," said Duvalier, who succeeded his late autocratic father Francois "Papa Doc".


P J said...

Something must have been lost in the translation. Either that or "good" must have another meaning in Haiti.

pansypoo said...

well, he didn't get assassinated i guess.

Montag said...

Well, yes, he did a lot of good--for himself.

It's not often that a stupid sociopath can amass the sort of fortune that he and his father did.

But, they were good anti-communists and therefore gained the support (or, at least, the acquiescence) of successive U.S. governments... despite their use of the Tonton Macoute to terrorize the citizenry. If there was ever a government that operated more like the Mafia than government, it was that of the Duvaliers.

So, whatever fate awaits Baby Doc, it's still less than what he deserves.