Thursday, July 18, 2013

And yet another story of profit and stupidity over sound policy

If you like "Stand Your Ground" the law that encourages you to KILL people lest they live to testify against your claim that you felt endangered, you'll love the latest GOP demand to make you all safer.

This story is rather incredible, but it’s not without precedent.  Republicans in the US House Appropriations Committee yesterday voted down an amendment that would have permitted the Justice Department to block the sale of guns and explosives to suspected terrorists on the terror watch list.

If we stop terrorists from buying explosives, then the terrorists win.

You see, Republicans say they don’t trust the terror watch list, and neither do their masters at the NRA. So rather than figure out how to improve the terror watch list, Republicans figure it’s better to just arm the terrorists.


pansypoo said...

because it doesn't matter WHO you are. if you want a gun, you shall have a gun.

Montag said...

Well, it's not as if any raging right-wing nutcase has ever tried to blow anything up, right951?