Monday, July 15, 2013

Contemporary American "Justice"

George Zimmerman is about to get his gun back, and defense attorney Mark O’Mara says he has “even more reason” to carry it now that many are angry over his acquittal.


Montag said...

O'Mara should be thankful he won for his client and just shut the fuck up.

His client is the last person I'd want walking around armed.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not suprised? O'Mara, who basically argued that Trayvon Martin was personally responsible for his death will now blame society for allegedly threatening George Zimmerman...who, for the record, has an actual history of shooting people he doesn't personally know. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Vigilante who killed someone is concerned about vigilantes. Chutzpah.

pansypoo said...

of the idiot had ANY brains at all, he would have pled guilty to a lesser charge. his parents ain't checker winnners.