Friday, July 26, 2013

Coming soon to TLC

Hoohm Skoolen with Steve King:
Rep. Steve King (R-IA), the guy who said DREAMers are mainly are drug smugglers, went on the House floor today to defend his comments, actually repeat his comments. We watched it live. And a few times I walked by the folks watching it and “So, what’s he saying exactly?” And these pretty smart folks who produce each day basically said, “We’re really not sure” and understandably so since King went on to talk about Moses and the Greeks and the Founding Fathers and various other people to explain why DREAMers are drug mules. Frankly, it’s weird. And King doesn’t seem to realize that Socrates didn’t know about Moses or seemingly much about the pervasive ancient Greek practice of pederasty. He also seems to think Rome conquered Ireland. Anyway.


Montag said...

Well, even drunk history can be parsed with difficulty. Mentally deranged history, no.

But, c'mon, Rome conquered Ireland? Does he not know (apparently not) that there's not a scrap of Roman artifact on the island, or that the Roman legions took one look at those six-foot-tall Druids with their faces painted blue and their hair bleached green with seawater, and said, in suitable Latin, "fuck me, turn around, and paddle, quick!"

Even Biggus Dickus was terrified of them.

But, hell, it's Steve King, the Looney Louie of Iowa. Expect some version of Fractured Fairy Tales from him.

pansypoo said...

another wayan's anton congressman.