Friday, July 12, 2013

You see here's the problem

I love MST3K and all its subsequent interations (Rifftrax/Cinema Titanic) but the thing that makes it awesome is movies that are terrible despite the overwrought intentions of the film-makers.

It's tougher to enjoy a terrible movie that is purposefully terrible.

Hence, I am not going to watch Sharknado and make fun of it, because that's what it wants.

The Syfy telepic “Sharknado” caught fire in social media, particularly after it began unspooling on the East Coast at 10 p.m. ET. The hashtag-friendly title and utterly ridiculous premise — Los Angeles is ravaged by a tornado of sharks — made it an irresistible target for Twitter commentary for a host of prominent showrunners, producers, actors and industry execs.

Besides "Turtlecane" will be more awesome.


Anonymous said...

I was addicted to turtlecaine. It's nothing to laugh at.

Anonymous said...

I always had the same problem with the Rocky Horror Picture Show... too knowing and self-aware to really count as "camp" (or even "funny").

pansypoo said...

oh, is that what i am ignoring? can they top manimal?

oh god, i needed mike + the bots for New Years Eve'. i think i finally gave up 10 before the end of that hollywood crap.

Anonymous said...

Watch for the sequel, Tsharknami