Thursday, July 25, 2013

Give the man some credit

By continuing to unsheathe his sword and adopting pseudonyms like "Carlos Danger" Anthony Weiner has taken politics beyond the realm of typical jerks like Steve King or San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, or even Larry Craig.   No he has entered the world of Sarah Palin-level performance art.


donnah said...

I don't care what sexual needs a politician has in the privacy of his own place. I don't judge people by their sexual preference and whatever goes on between Weiner and his wife and whomever else is none of my beeswax.

UNTIL THEY MAKE IT MY BEESWAX! When people make these online gestures, when they share TOO MUCH and I see it in the news, then it's out there for me to factor into their political presence.

If you are a power-hungry jerk who makes unwelcome suggestive junk shots and then swears to stop and then continues doing it, then I immediately question your ability for self control and appropriate behavior in other areas. You are now officially a creepy, egotistical jerk and I don't want you representing me in government. Not at all.

So get help, clean up your skanky act, and be an adult.

pansypoo said...

yeah. and it's cyber shit. no actual fucking occurred. JFK had prostitutes! thomas Jefferson had slaves. we are not married to him! but financial shenanigans are ignored.....has mr danger appeared in the last year?

remember when NEWSmen ignored this stuff?

Montag said...

Ah, well, Weiner's real crime here is willful stupidity, and that's not an attribute I find endearing in a politician.