Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The price of the shallow end of the pool

Well as hard as it is to believe, apparently being stupid and venal is no impingement to advancing in the Republican hierarchy, but being dumb, venal AND a hypocrite might.

Tennessee Rep. Scott DesJarlais, the anti-abortion Republican physician accused of encouraging his wife and mistress to have multiple abortions, raised just $39,000 in the second quarter, according to his most recent report to the Federal Election Commission. It’s a paltry sum for an incumbent member and signals more trouble for his re-election prospects in 2014.
I'm sure everyone is asking the same did this guy even get $39,000?

Maybe one of his fellow dumb, venal and hypocritical departing kleptomaniacs helped?
Javier Sanchez, a former senior legislative assistant to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has been arrested in connection with a string of thefts in the Rayburn House Office Building, Fox News has learned.
What a shock, huh?  Michele Bachmann connected to a theft...oh, sorry I mean FoxNews learning something.

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DanF said...

As a rule hypocrisy doesn't bother the culture warriors too much (David Vitter is still the esteemed Senator from Louisiana after all). Abortion hypocrisy kicks it up a notch, but asking your wife to get an abortion might be forgivable if your votes are pure and you make forgiveness mouth noises. Pile on sex with your patients, prescription drugs and abortions for your multiple mistresses, you approach a level of hypocrisy that gets tough for even Pat "Blood Diamonds" Robertson to ignore.

pansypoo said...

on the bright, less spawn of scott esjarlais who wouldn't use a condom.

Montag said...

Oh, I have no doubt that Tennessee will find someone equally dumb, venal and hypocritical to replace him.

After all, they have traditions to uphold.