Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate II: Electric Boogaloo

The Second Exposure of Preznit McCreepypants continues.

The evening gets started on a happy note, when a group of college students carry Tucker Carlson off to be drawn & quartered on the Quad.

"Squeal like a Piggy."

Bush is caught checkin' out Kerry's manly buttocks. It is quite possible that the President has wood.

In a flashback to the Vice Presidential debate, reader Phredd reminds me, that the Bush Administration has caused many Republicans to require a "wood" substitute.

While Kerry poses for a picture, the Preznit sees Karen Hughes just off-stage and signals he is ready for his feeding.

Yep, thinking...still hard.

Leave me out of this, my spirit endorses Kerry!

Justice Stevens is just keeping my seat warm for my big comeback, 3/5ths bitches!

"Let's see, how do you spell OB/GYN?"

I will protect you, the American people from those dangerous Canadian prescription drugs.

Get on with your question, peasant.

Walter Thompson, 57-Year-Old St. Louis resident and undecided voter spent much of the night resisting the temptation to make "bunny ears".

I am so going over and kicking Charlie Gibson's ass.

Mistakes, I've made a few, but then again, too few to mention.

After the debate Kerry checks to see if Bush is wearing a wire.

After yet another poor performance, Bush crashes from his Redbull high by snuggling Kerry and asking for a hug.

After the debate, Bush finds out FoxNews' pundits call the debate for Kerry.

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