Thursday, December 02, 2004

Apologies to George Galloway

It seems like a loooooooooooooooooong time ago, but within a few days of Saddam's statue being downed, virulently anti-war member of the UK Parliament, George Galloway was pilloried, not only as a radical by the mainstream of the Labour Party, but by mainstream media in the Western World. Most particularly he was decried as a traitor and a toady by many on the right, and even a few on the left.

The most scandalous story, underpinning all of the other criticisms was the claim by a Daily Telegraph columnist that he had found proof that Galloway was on the take from Saddam (link no longer available, naturally).

This assertion was false.

And yesterday, Galloway was found to have been the victim of libel.

One might expect folks like Instapundit and Sully to take note. Sully for example was in high dudgeon over the matter in the Spring of 2003, calling him a traitor, here, here (with the added bonus of singling out pretty much as many war opponents as possible as being traitors), and here.

Over at Crackerbarrel I mean, Instahack, nothing naturally. But "Tennessee Justice and T-Shirt Model" sure threw out the accusations here, and here.

The Intersection of Whatever we Want to Believe Street & Jump to Conclusions Avenue was also in on the act, though the archive for that time seems to have done blowed up all of the sudden. Naturally, no mention today.

So on behalf of the ENTIRE FUCKING FREE (albeit gullible) WORLD, let me apologize to George Galloway!

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