Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boris & Natasha

Henceforth the nickname for these two pathetic operatives (has anyone already used this?):

"Kill Moose & Squirrel Dahlink, protect fearless leader"

There are two reasons these two have not been hired by anyone involved in the Plame matter, or any other legal matter involving the Bush Administration:

1. They are not the legal eagles they are described as in rote fashion by the talking heads.

2. They are not paid to be lawyers, they are paid to be "lawyers on teevee" that -- no matter what -- manage to construe every legal scenario in favor of the Cheney Corporation.

And I still want to know how Toensing, who must have a clown college working that hair has Wolf "Cliff May is Well Respected" Blitzer's number? Apparently she has the CNN version of the "Bat Signal" where she gets buzzed and then calls up and spew bullshit at will.
I'd tell you to refrain from carpet/curtains jokes but what kind of hypocrite would that make me? Although if we are going to mock Toensing's dye job, we cannot forget DiGenova's futile battle against pattern baldness.

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