Sunday, December 25, 2005

David Horowitz's New Strange Website

For those of you who haven't seen it, Lila Rajiva has done an excellent expose of David Horowitz's latest anti-progressive effort in his anti-left, anti-woman, anti-gay, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, anti-Black Bush New World Order (apologies if I left anything out from the previous list). Her essay is an informative must read and is at the Counter Punch Website.

So, go check out Horowitz's weird Big Brother site.

Here is my suggestion for the radicals among us who see the need to keep tabs on the iliterati of the far right (religious or secular). Review the site to see if it has your name, your organization, or your website listed on it. This is tricky, becasue the site divides the specific cultural menaces we "radicals" represent into several different categories against the social order of the New World Order.

While many of the readers of the Hegemon could claim several categories for their activism, Horowitz's web site designers only let each individual subversive have one category... sorry for those of you who are radical in multiple ways. So you may have to search to find your name, whereupon you can click your name for a biography. Some of the biographies are riddled with errors, but read on anyway. Clearly the "researchers" for this website crib the biographies from anything unflattering they can find on the internet or elsewhere.

And remember, have fun because Horowitz and his cronies are watching.

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