Friday, December 30, 2005

"Get off my Lawn!!!!"

There's a reason "William Safire" rhymes with "Unintentional Satire" -- hell, as Roger Aisles points out the NY Times won't even charge you for it (waiting for them to go the extra "just" mile and pay us to read David Brooks). The NY Times brings that bitter old bastard back for his annual year end crystal ball quiz (about as accurate as the National Enquirer's psychic predictions).

You cannot get more comical than this prediction:

14. As Bush approval rises, historians will begin to equate his era with that of: (a) Truman; (b) Eisenhower; (c) L.B.J.; (d) Reagan; (e) Clinton.

Rises from what, 42% to 41% you cranky bastard?

Funny, I don't see a correct answer. To have one, you'd have to have an (f) Nixon or (g) Commodus as a choice.

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