Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bush the Compassionate

Tony Dungy is a head coach in the NFL, so that makes him important enough for the President to send a personal letter of condolence.

At one point, while testimonies were being read, an attendant hurried down the isle carrying a piece of paper. A minister took it to the podium. It was a letter from President Bush, an announcement that brought a gasp from the congregation.

Bush expressed his and his wife Laura’s sadness and condolences to Tony and his wife, Lauren.

“I pray for you,” the President wrote. “May God keep you. May his light shine upon you.”

There is no greater tragedy than a parent burying a child. And how many have been buried because of King George's global War on Terra? Let's not stop at Americans, how about Iraqis? I'll bet you King George hasn't hand written a letter to all the soldiers parents. As for the Iraqis, we do our best to minimize collateral damage.

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