Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Depression (hopefully not clinical)

I have to confess that this NSA spying matter has me in the depths of real despair, mostly at folks who treat it as trivial -- or some sort of malevolent bargain (oh but Clinton did this or that)

This isn't a game, it is the President of the United States saying I can do what ever I want and you cannot do fuck all about it ... as long as my self-proclaimed war on terror lasts.

Of course, what the goddamned "War on Terror" means is open to question, I'm guessing as far as he's concerned it lasts as long as there is at least one cook in a Ceylonese restaurant bitching about "the American wanting Vindaloo!" In other words, it will NEVER fucking end.

What other laws does he find superfluous or inconvenient vis-a-vis the "War" he gets to define?

Athenae apparently has been up thinking about this in a very fine post.

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